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I spent a small fortune on consisting of

1x Spectral Observatory DVR

1x Tri-Cam

2x Temperascopes (received just 1)

2x Parascopes 360 models (was never delivered)

1x Panoptic PDA Camera (9v battery part fell off when changing battery) see pic

2x Thermascopes

2x Pyramids (only ever got one)

2x Parascope Plasma

1x Phonopod (ordered it with mic plug it came without so had to order infrared headphones)

3x extra headphones (only 2 delivered)

1x Tricam Headphones (these were an extra pair which never came then he tried saying the ones in the Spectral Observatory were them! They come with them anyway so I still got robbed for a pair that never were delivered!! the pic shows the cheap ones you get for apparently $59USD. The actual cover on the ears was peeling so when you wore them and took them of pieces of thin rubber plastic stuck to you.

This guy obviously loves glue and plastic moulds because this *** is made from it! The fact it took him over 1.4yrs to deliver he still failed to deliver the completed order giving me excuse after excuse, one occassion he asked if he could take my gear to a show and assured me they would be behind a casing where none of the public could come into contact with them. Instead they were easily accessible (see pics)

I agreed as he said that he spent so much time building my items he had no time to do anything else..

Well, he got paid very well in AUD money which led me to pay much much more my end then had I lived in the states!

The 360 Parascopes NEVER arrived and a camera was missing from the Spectral Observatory DVR, not to mention the part where the memory card is inserted into the Spectral Observatory DVR unit was pathetic! The card fell into the cavity of the unit leaving me no choice but to open the seal around it to retrieve the card from the motherboard which I found just laying against wires!! it wasn't even so much as glued in! And this guy as affirmation loves glue!!

I was gobsmacked! The Cameras I got were all garbled when viewing showing nothing but lines and awful cheap material no doubt didn't even give clarity!

Now I come to the dodgy Tri-Cam which had one side smashed in where the mic was, so I sent it back paying shipping fees but was never re-imbursed he said he would replace it with a brand new one, well after a minute of using it the sound through the mic buzzes badly so too bad if you captured any EVPs because there'd be absolutely NO WAY you'd even hear them! I will need to do a recording and attach to this, I only stumbled across this site and because the video & audio were so bad I deleted them and haven't used the rubbish since.

So watch this space.

The sealed section of the Tri-Cam was glued together.. YES GLUE!!

And the tiny cheap push in buttons get stuck so you have to wedge the button out with a pin or knife, gee imagine being in a dark location having to do this everytime you turn it on or off? In addition, the battery compartments springs pop out everytime you take out a battery so I had to glue them in!! WT?!! I paid around $700 USD for that & I had to glue it!!

Seriously this guy is making a motza of gullible people!

The outlay for me was almost $3K AUD and I still can't use most of it.

Dreadful Dreadful Dreadful! And dare question him bout the gear and bam! You're blocked or ignored! So take my advice keep aay from Jeromy Jones & his plastic rubbish!

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person is quite happy with items as they seemed great online and concept until i was a buyer and stated that there is a room for improvement of i had to constantly advised what was bought and missing items. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "all above " of paranologies 360 parascope and associated monetary loss in the amount of $2823. Paranologies needs to issue a full refund according to poster's claims.

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Bs I need to offer a refund.They have their items and were offered by us to send back the items to be repaired as we have a lifetime warranty.

We do not offer refunds for any reason as it is all clearly laid out on our website when purchased. This customer was unhappy with one thing, the glue, well guess what.. as stated again these are all custom built items by hand and not manufactured in China. This customer knew all of this and tried to take advantage again by opting a PayPal case.

They lost just like the others on this ridiculous website which is a supposed resolution website. Yet everything on here is negative and everyone knows it's a rubbish site. Again, like always I have the emails proving we were in the right and the customer simply did not want to follow our terms.

Email me

Also sign the petition to remove pissedconsumers website from the web.(Google it)

to Anonymous #1386547

The reason why I lost re: PayPal was the time that had lapsed from purchase.If you recall Jeremy it took you almost a year to deliver as you said you were either sick or had events to attend.

As at the time I thought we had an amicable communication, and the fact you said that 'I bought you out and had no time to make stuff for the display for the event' adding if it were okay you could use my gear to display promising it would all be behind a glass cabinet where no one would be able to touch them. It prolonged the delivery. As PayPal only have a certain time frame to request a refund, hence why you delayed it.

You knew exactly what you were doing. As for glue and plastic, originally I believed in you which is why I invested so many AUD $'s which almost doubles USD currency.

I didn't get 'all the items' as you stated otherwise I wouldn't had messaged you asking when they would come. In addition you were provided all copies of the orders both ones you asked me to pay privately via PayPal and those made through your eBay store and via your website and yet you still had trouble it seems keeping a buyer/seller itinerary of purchases and delivery.

I hardly think after spending so much on what at the time you stated 'I bought you out I would make up not ever having received certain items.

However when I tried later asking for a refund originally on the ones you failed to send you blocked me, so I resorted to emailing. That's WHEN I contacted PayPal, but since I was in Australia and the 60 days had lapsed, I lost my money.

I still cannot use the Tricam due to its bad buzzing sound from the mics, but to be honest Im too scared that if I send it back I won't get it returned given the way you treated me. So if I can have your word here that if I did you will return it in a repaired order. Let me add this here Jeremy, I am a very reasonable person and have never before found myself in a situation that even comes close to what I have went through with the entire fiasco with Paranologies. And yes, after spending so much AUD money this was the last resort.

Since you blocked me and treated me with contempt for dare questioning the missing items and ones that were clearly broken or damaged probably from being handled at the event you used them at.

I had no choice but to post the complaint I have on this website.~ Karen

to Anonymous #1386560

And yes you did get theme Tricam that had the busted mic sent back at my expense and in its place I was sent a very different one to that which I had purchased and as stated with at the time the video I sent you there is a loud buzzing that comes across after a few seconds and remains, the video is good on one side however it appears darker on the other, probably easily fixed for someone who knows how.

But to post to and from Sydney Australia to Texas isn't cheap especially when paying registered post.And being the second Tricam to send back is concerning I just cannot keep paying postage costs if the item is only going to be faulty when it arrives.

Unfortunately as it happens, shipping costs are outrageous and just like you, I you have other expenses.

But like I said, I'm not sure I can trust what I would get back or even if I will get a fully functional Tricam which means more shipping costs wasted on top of it all.

I would had loved to of been able to take it out in the field and use however the buzzing is deafening, so it has been sitting in the small suitcase on a shelf ever since.

Whilst Im here I would like to ask why after my original post on this website you took it upon yourself to write bad reviews on my business? I know it was you because during our messenger chats you knew I used to do photography and the fact I had the other business. In one day a review from the same Texas person (band escapes me now) was added.

I had never had any clients at the time from Texas and what you clearly didn't realize is I had not done photography for almost 7+ yrs due to an injury.

I felt that was in poor taste just because you were upset about my review which as stated, had you been willing to sort out the issues in an amicable manner, this original post outlining my experience would never had been required.~ Karen

to Karen Waterfield #1386562

Sorry for the typos the silly auto correct was on.


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to Anonymous #1385993

Obviously no one likes to read the terms when purchasing.All the above is not correct.

We offer two shipping methods and no refunds for any reason.

Your comment is not valid to this resolu...caugh caugh, bias website.


Hi Kaz, or Karen Sommers as your also known by.If anyone has a question about this email me.

I have all the documentation and emails from this lady showing the truth about the above story. She is in Australia and some of the items were damaged during shipment. Yes we use glue and yes we use plastic, it is all custom hand made equipment.

She is not reasonable and too hard to compromise with and made demands that we do not accept.

-Jeromy Jones

Owner Paranologies

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